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Two Footed Tackle

  • My #FACup Journey – Third Round #CupStory
    Follow @IJFootballBlogs Hello, my name is Ian and after doing my (preview/review) blogs on this site covering all the games of Euro 2016. I decided to start a new project. To try to attend as many rounds of the FA Cup 2016/2017 season starting from t…
    - 4 days ago, 14 Jan 17, 2:34pm -
  • I’m back with my #Super6 predictions
    Good afternoon and Happy New Year to you all!! Is it still a bit late to be saying that? It probably is now as it’s the middle of January, but it’s better to say it than not say it I suppose. Think it’ll be the last time I said it though. Anywa…
    - 4 days ago, 14 Jan 17, 12:40pm -
  • New Year’s Eve Super 6 predictions
    Good afternoon!! Hope you all had a very good Christmas and festive period so far. Happy New Year for tomorrow as well. It’s Soccer Saturday Super 6 predictions time again. The last one of the year! Apologies if you missed my predictions and round…
    - 19 days ago, 30 Dec 16, 3:00pm -
  • The Regression of Rash or Genius Management?
    So maybe just maybe, if you take into account recent results, Jose Mourinho seems to be getting somewhere with his Manchester United team, though after a 140m+ summer spend I think that is the least you would expect. But anyways things are looking up…
    - 26 days ago, 23 Dec 16, 12:23pm -
  • FA Cup Round-Up #CupStory
    Last night saw the final game of the FA Cup Second Round, which means everyone now knows who’ll they have in the next round. The round where all the big boys join the competition. With last night’s 1-0 winners Plymouth Argyle over Newport County…
    - 27 days ago, 22 Dec 16, 12:00pm -
  • Super 6 Predictions Week 21
    Good afternoon!! Well what a Soccer Saturday Super 6 predictions result I had midweek – can we do midweek prediction games all the time? I was concentrating on the Palace vs Manchester United match on Wednesday and didn’t really notice too many…
    - 32 days ago, 17 Dec 16, 3:00pm -


  • Premier League Review: The Eyes Have It
    The post Premier League Review: The Eyes Have It appeared first on Twohundredpercent.
    - 2 days ago, 16 Jan 17, 6:26pm -
  • Podcast 80: The Graham Taylor Memorial
    The post Podcast 80: The Graham Taylor Memorial appeared first on Twohundredpercent.
    - 3 days ago, 15 Jan 17, 8:02pm -
  • 48 Crash: FIFA “Reinvents” The World Cup
    The post 48 Crash: FIFA “Reinvents” The World Cup appeared first on Twohundredpercent.
    - 5 days ago, 13 Jan 17, 6:13pm -
  • Graham Taylor: A Life Well-Lived 
    The post Graham Taylor: A Life Well-Lived  appeared first on Twohundredpercent.
    - 6 days ago, 12 Jan 17, 9:18pm -
  • AFCON 2017: A Preview
    The post AFCON 2017: A Preview appeared first on Twohundredpercent.
    - 7 days ago, 11 Jan 17, 12:17pm -
  • Coming Next On “2017”
    “Nothing changes on New Year’s Day,” Bono sang in 1981 (I forget which song). For those who had good 2016s and deserved them, I hope that’s true. For those who didn’t have good 2016s but deserved them… well, Bono’s a pretentious prick,…
    - 12 days ago, 6 Jan 17, 7:26pm -

Ghost Goal

    Must Read Soccer

    • An Ex-Fan’s Notes
      Please. You had to see this coming, fellow Packer fans. And not because the defense couldn’t stop anyone — although that alone would have sufficed in the pitless mano y mano of the National Football League, where strengths become weakness and wea…
      - , 17 Jan 12, 3:36am -
    • Messi, Ray Hudson and Must Read Soccer
      (It’s a dream of near-indecency to be able to justify writing a headline like that.) Anyway, Jeré Longman’s huge New York Times profile of Lionel Messi and his gifts is now up on the Times site. Jeré was kind enough to use several of the “Spo…
      - , 22 May 11, 3:51pm -
    • ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ as Romantic Comedy
      I know; it would have taken the courage required to land at Normandy Beach even to have gone into a development meeting with the idea. But Ebert is right about “The Adjustment Bureau” – it’s a romantic comedy trapped inside existential hokum…
      - , 7 Mar 11, 2:15am -
    • An Apology to Seth Godin
      A little more than a year ago I wrote a blog post attacking Seth Godin, one of the preminent marketing gurus in America, for professional ignorance and stylistic heresies. I was responding to what Godin had just written about the timidity of non-prof…
      - , 8 Jan 11, 8:56pm -
    • The _Fin_ of ‘True Grit’
      A lot of people hate the ending of the new “True Grit.” I loved it without immediately knowing why, other than that it made my head snap back; it was like finishing an opera with an unadorned solo sung by a child, lit by a single spotlight. Witho…
      - , 3 Jan 11, 1:01am -

    Left Back In The Changing...

    • Raheem Sterling
      The reaction to Raheem Sterling's protracted contract 'talks' has been frustrating and perplexing. Yes, he is a very fine young player (with the potential to be one of the finest players in Europe). Yes, it would be preferable - for this Liverpool fa…
      - , 21 May 15, 4:38pm -
    • A break
      As most of you will have spotted I'm not blogging very often. The reason for this is two-fold.Firstly, I don't watch enough football at the moment to comment to the standard I would like.Secondly, I'm not reading enough around the game.I hope to retu…
      - , 12 May 15, 7:16pm -
    • So Called Fans
      The images from the Paris Metro where Chelsea fans are seen to continually push a black man backwards (so he couldn't get on the train) are sickening. As is their chanting of ''We're racist (and that's the way we like it)''.Plenty of scribblers will…
      - , 19 Feb 15, 1:41pm -
    • The Lost Boys
      Am seriously considering writing a book on 'the lost boys of British football'. You know the types I mean - those who were hyped up and who, for whatever reason, didn't make it to the big time.So far I'm considering focusing on:John Bostock, Sonny Pi…
      - , 21 Jan 15, 6:49pm -
    • On Gerrard
      At Yom Kippur and at Passover, Jews around the world say 'Next year in Jerusalem'. It is an expression of spiritual hope. The closest I come to a faith - Liverpool FC - has its own expression of eternal hope 'Next year is our year'. Both are based ar…
      - , 8 Jan 15, 10:58am -
    • Left Back Christmas Quiz
      So there we are! Another year over and another LBITCR Christmas Quiz done and dusted. The winner this year was Jonathan Askew (@askewjt) with 57. Second place was The Football Pink (@thefootballpink) and third place was Kenny Fleming (@kennyf1283).…
      - , 2 Jan 15, 8:40am -


    Girl On A Terrace

    • Thanks for voting in the Football Blogging Awards
      I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all my readers and followers on Twitter who voted for me with Girl On A Terrace in the Football Blogging Awards. Voting has now closed and I am happy to announce that I have been shortlisted for the “Be…
      - , 30 Jun 12, 10:26am -
    • Rochdale AFC Supporters Trust photos
      Rochdale fans might already have seen these a while ago, but thought I’d share them with the rest of my readers as I found them all on a CD recently. These were some photos I had taken at Spotland for the Dale Trust – the official Rochdale AFC Su…
      - , 15 Jun 12, 11:03am -
    • Personalised England top from Carlsberg
      Just wanted to share this England top that Carlsberg sent me – love it :D It’s personalised with my Twitter username on the back, unfortunately it’s a bit big for me being a size 8-10 but it’s a really nice keepsake, so thanks guys! I also go…
      - , 8 Jun 12, 11:37am -
    • Carlsberg Fan Academy
      Although my blog is mainly about the lower leagues, I’m actually for once quite looking forward to Euro 2012…there seems to be quite a lot of buzz going around at the moment and coupled with the Queen’s Jubilee I’m feeling rather patriotic!…
      - , 28 May 12, 1:28pm -
    • Vote for Girl On A Terrace in the Football Blogging Awards 2012
      Just a bit of self promotion here…! If you like what I do and enjoy reading my blog then it would be great if you voted for Girl On A Terrace in the Football Blogging Awards 2012 as Best Female Football Blog. There are two ways that you can vote……
      - , 13 May 12, 4:14pm -
    • Girl On A Terrace featured on The Guardian
      You may (or may not!) know that I’ve done pre-season and half season reports about Rochdale for The Guardian website. Well as we come to the end of the 2012/12 season I was once again asked to give me thoughts for their end of season round up. So,…
      - , 11 May 12, 1:51pm -

    Phil McNulty - BBC

    • Time for Liverpool to start winning
      At Stamford BridgeBrendan Rodgers insists Liverpool must no longer look in the rear view mirror - but admits the road ahead to restoration may be a long one.In among the cascade of optimistic messages that have epitomised Rodgers's short time at…
      - , 12 Nov 12, 8:45am -
    • Mancini must recognise brutal truth for Man City
      At Etihad StadiumWhen Roberto Mancini's rage against the slow death of Manchester City's Champions League aspirations finally fizzles out, it will be replaced by the recognition of a brutal truth.Mancini was the flesh and blood embodiment of all…
      - , 7 Nov 12, 6:56am -
    • Lame Arsenal a shadow of Man Utd's former foes
      At Old TraffordSir Alex Ferguson was almost wistful as he sounded like a man pining for the dangerous days of flying pizzas in the Old Trafford tunnel.The meeting between Manchester United and Arsenal was once a fixture to count on if you wanted…
      - , 3 Nov 12, 9:32pm -
    • Clattenburg claim takes game into uncharted territory
      For an hour Stamford Bridge staged a football match to savour. Chelsea and Manchester United spent this time laying out every exhibit to illustrate their potential to be Premier League champions. The scenery was suddenly, uncomfortably, shifted. It…
      - , 29 Oct 12, 8:13am -
    • Manchester City's European woes continue
      Manchester City's supply of miracles probably ran out on the day they scored twice in stoppage time to win the Premier League. Roberto Mancini should not expect another to save them in the Champions League.The City manager accepts this is what they…
      - , 25 Oct 12, 8:28am -
    • Eventful Braga game encapsulates Man Utd's season
      At Old TraffordLike bookends at either end of Sir Alex Ferguson's evening, Manchester United's manager drove away from Old Trafford to ponder two pressing problems.Finding the solution to one created by the outstanding Javier Hernandez will be a…
      - , 24 Oct 12, 7:22am -

    The Cynical Challenge

    • World Poetry Day
      I offered them to but they weren't interested. I called up Sepp Blatter to see if he fancied using them on his FIFA election campaign literature - to no avail. Here are three football-themed haikus to mark 21 March. No doubt these will come b…
      - , 21 Mar 11, 6:56pm -
    • Photoblog: Giants vs Eagles, New Meadowlands
      Back in September, knowing I was visiting New York over Christmas, I decided to investigate whether there would be any sport worth watching while I was there. It turned out that NFL side the New York Giants would be playing the Philadelphia Eagles at…
      - , 6 Jan 11, 11:54pm -
    • A Russian World Cup in 2018: Some premature Q&As
      Much as it seems as though the ink has only just dried on the FIFA ExCom ballot papers, and the tears have dried on the faces of many England fans (okay, sorry for the melodrama), it's time to come to terms with the fact that in less than eight years…
      - , 2 Dec 10, 8:37pm -
    • We're not singing any more
      Last week I penned some thoughts on the decline of English terrace culture for the superb Here it is in full:“You’re not singing any more.” It’s the classic football catcall, the terrace version of cuckolding. The messag…
      - , 29 Nov 10, 2:05pm -
    • A small appeal
      Some readers may know that I'm a fairly regular guest on the twofootedtackle podcast. In fact, can I urge you to listen to this week's podcast, featuring myself and French football connoisseur Chris Oakley - which includes subjects as disparate as th…
      - , 19 Nov 10, 4:27pm -
    • Zenit fans stand alongside their Serb "brothers"
      A butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo and a storm rises in California. Or perhaps that should be: a Serbian man dons a balaclava in Genoa, and four Hajduk Split supporters are beaten up in St Petersburg.Eastern European politics is an immensely comple…
      - , 21 Oct 10, 3:40pm -

    The Football Express

    • Book Review: El Clasico by Richard Fitzpatrick
      El Clasico, Barcelona and Real Madrid, is one of the biggest games in World football. Richard Fitzpatrick’s books subtitle goes further still, posturing that it is “Football’s Greatest Rivalry”. For some casual fans of Spanish football the fi…
      - , 27 Dec 12, 1:53pm -
    • My Sweet Sixteen – Why Serie A should reduce in size
      Collapse of a system Italian football is facing a time of crisis in terms of both financial and sporting performances. Clubs are struggling in the European Cups, they have lost power in the transfer market, and the appeal of the league for foreign in…
      - , 31 Oct 12, 11:10am -
    • Euro 2012 diary: Özil unable to link Germany
      While the so-called excruciatingly named “group of death” looked tantalising on paper with 4 great teams together in one group, there is always the possibility that games between big teams can be a little dull – Germany versus Portugal was a pe…
      - , 10 Jun 12, 11:13am -
    • Euro 2012 diary: Criticism harsh for the Netherlands
      Despite qualifying for the tournament as the winners of Qualification Group H Denmark had been earmarked by many as the whipping boys of Group B – on the basis of having fewer well-known players and Nicklas Bendtner. Indeed, for the first 20 minute…
      - , 10 Jun 12, 8:17am -
    • Guest Post: Calling Doctor Petkovic
      It’s been a while since any sort of update has happened on here, and for that I apologise profusely. In the mean time Lazio have been busy appointing a new Coach after Edy Reja parted ways with the Rome club. The new man, Vladimir Petkovic, is a re…
      - , 6 Jun 12, 9:10pm -
    • Side project: Ground Tweet
      In conjunction with we have been working on a little application that is just a little bit of fun for people to play around with. GroundTweet shows you what football ground your followers would fill (or your tweets, if they were peop…
      - , 5 Jun 12, 9:14pm -

    2nd Yellow

    • Touring With The Stones; The Dust Settles
      With the season over and the Stones' promotion dream shattered, thoughts turn to the summer and preparations for another go next season.The post Touring With The Stones; The Dust Settles appeared first on 2nd Yellow.
      - , 18 May 13, 8:46am -
    • Premier League Manager Roulette
      Next season, the Premier League is set to receive a bonanza of gargantuan proportions thanks to the latest TV rights deal. The result? Club chairmen with itchy trigger fingers poised over a P45.The post Premier League Manager Roulette appeared first…
      - , 16 May 13, 8:20pm -
    • Five Minutes of Your Time Please; Gordon Bartlett
      Gordon Bartlett is one of the longest serving managers in the English pyramid, having spent the past 18 years at Wealdstone, following spells and Hounslow, Southall and Yeading. Here he speaks to Roge Slater about his time in the dugout.The post Five…
      - , 23 Apr 13, 7:00pm -
    • Touring With The Stones; Isn’t It Ironic…
      Never let it be said that Roge Slater's main motivation for following his club home and away is the chance to sample delicious cold ales in a variety of locations up and down the country. As Wealdstone face a double header with Bury Town, that's just…
      - , 17 Apr 13, 10:00am -
    • Five Minutes of Your Time, Please; Simon Garner
      Roge Slater talks to former Blackburn striker Simon Garner, who had a spell at Wealdstone later in his career and who nowadays is involved in the Rovers Trust at a time when the club is in chaos at the hands of Venkys.The post Five Minutes of Your Ti…
      - , 14 Apr 13, 9:00am -
    • Touring With The Stones: Train Keeps A Rollin’
      The Easter programme combined with the effects of fixture congestion mean Wealdstone face four crucial games in quick succession as they attempt to close on the league leaders. They travel to Margate, face promotion rivals Concord Rangers, a tricky v…
      - , 5 Apr 13, 8:29pm -

    Just Football

      Footy Factor

        Some People Are On The Pitch

          QUEL SPORT POUR MAIGRIR Le sport est une des armes avec lesquelles nous pouvons lutter contre de nombreuses maladies et qui apporte plusieurs avantages pour le corps. Quel sport pour maigrir c’est une questions qu’on se pose souvent. Il y a des…
          - 53 days ago, 26 Nov 16, 8:25pm -
        • Quoi faire à Monaco
          Quoi faire à Monaco? C’est la première question qu’on se pose quand on veut visiter une destination. Si vous arrivez a l’aeroport de nice vous auriez besion d’un transfert aeroport nice. Magnifique et scintillante de Monaco est une princip…
          - , 2 Jun 15, 6:05am -
        • Planifier votre Voyage
          Envie de se balader sur la promenade des Anglais a Nice? Cote d’azur est une des destinations les plus connues au monde.  Pour pouvoir en profiter en toute tranquillite il va falloir tout reserver en avance pour ne pas avoir des mauvaises surpr…
          - , 8 Jan 15, 6:43pm -

        Off The Post

        Unprofessional Foul

        • Of Course He FJM’d Something
          So this was super low-hanging fruit. So much so that I really considered not doing it. Instead I was going to FJM the comments on the same piece, because that’s even lower-hanging fruit. But this piece from October sent the Soccerlytics world into…
          - , 24 Dec 15, 3:00am -
        • We wrote a lot of words, some of them alright
          Unprofessional Foul has been a beautiful thing in my life for a long time. I have a lot of friends as a result of our communal comment-sectioning in David Hirshey’s columns on Deadspin — and then the ‘stache ended up being one of the groomsmen…
          - , 24 Dec 15, 1:30am -
        • L’Affaire Valbuena
          Although the story broke a while ago, everyone is still talking about “L’Affaire Valbuena.” Need to catch up? Confused from the start? Simply here for the titillation? Let’s run through things so we’re all on the same page. Back in June 201…
          - , 23 Dec 15, 11:00pm -
        • Divorce, Anger, Sadness: The Manchester United Story
            None of us would be here if not for the journey, and none of us knows where the journey will lead us from here. As I look back at the time since Unprofessional Foul shut its doors, I see a roller coaster of emotions, changes left and right, new lo…
          - , 23 Dec 15, 9:30pm -
        • The Good, The Bad, The WTF
          Let’s not kid ourselves. We don’t really get to do these anymore. As such, I am dispensing with any notion that we might present a “good” or “bad” here and going straight to the WTF. That is what you want, right? Actually, I don’t care.…
          - , 23 Dec 15, 7:45pm -
        • Unprofessional Fatherhood
          After we said goodbye here at UF, we went forth and multiplied. I guess without all this third-rate blogging to do we had a lot of time on our hands, and the established UF brood grew and keeps on growing. I imagine the same must be true (or soon wil…
          - , 23 Dec 15, 5:00pm -

        Soccer Blog

        • Pogba gets lampooned
          Pogba gets the works for his handball against Liverpool the other day.
          - 1 day ago, 17 Jan 17, 9:33am -
        • Sevilla halt Real’s record run
          Real were ahead through a Cristiano Ronaldo penalty with 23 minute to play. An unfortunate own goal from Sergio Ramos and a stunning stoppage time winner from Stevan Jovetic then ended Real Madrid’s Spanish record 40-game unbeaten run on Sunday. Re…
          - 2 days ago, 16 Jan 17, 11:03am -
        • Zlatan saves Manchester United again
          Zlatan chips in with an 84th minute goal to give United a 1-1 draw against Liverpool.Zlatan has scored 14 EPL goals this season.Only Dwight Yorke and Ruud van Nistelrooy (15) scored more goals for Manchester United in their first 20 Premier League ga…
          - 2 days ago, 16 Jan 17, 5:37am -
        • Chelsea,Arsenal and Spurs post comfortable weekend wins
          While Pep Guardiola tries to figures out how to reverse the rapidly fading fortunes of his team Spurs,Arsenal and Chelsea posted impressive wins in the games that they played. Spurs beat West Brom 4 – 0 . Arsenal beat Swansea by a similar margin. A…
          - 3 days ago, 15 Jan 17, 6:09pm -
        • Pep has lost the plot
          Everton beat Manchester City 4 – 0 and Pep looks like a man who does not know what to. The defeat takes them down to 5th spot- one place above Manchester United – who are going to play,and most likely beat Liverpool tomorrow. Highlights
          - 3 days ago, 15 Jan 17, 6:01pm -
        • Conte drops Costa from Leicester game
          Major blow to Chelsea’s title hopes.Costa and Conte had a major falling out.The details are a bit murky – but it involves Costa’s back muscles being injured,the Chelsea fitness coach taking a dubious view of the seriousness of said injury,Costa…
          - 4 days ago, 14 Jan 17, 4:31am -

        The Equaliser

        • 20 Greatest Managers: The Revision
          It’s been eighteen months since the completion of The Equaliser’s 20 Greatest Managers series, a list which attempted to rank football’s most significant pioneers, thinkers and tacticians according to their strategic and philosophical legacies.…
          - , 2 May 12, 3:49pm -
        • The End of the Road
          I suppose this has been coming for quite a while. As the paucity of content in recent months suggests, I’ve been struggling to find both the time and motivation to blog and have decided that the time has come to put this thing out of its misery. We…
          - , 8 Feb 12, 9:27pm -
        • Hibernation
          As I explore freelance options, focus on some new writing projects and attempt to sort my post-university life out, I will be putting the blog into hibernation for a couple of months but hope to have it back up-and-running this winter. Many thanks fo…
          - , 6 Oct 11, 11:11pm -
        • Decade by Decade: Epilogue
          It is too easy to forget the lessons of history. With the modern, globalised world setting its gaze firmly upon the horizon of technological progress and instantaneous communication, the events and gradual metamorphoses which have conspired to shape…
          - , 6 Oct 11, 10:40pm -
        • 2000s Month: Learning to Love MLS
          by Dawes Dunham Major League Soccer. Something about the name just didn’t sit well with me. Perhaps it was its close proximity to the name of my most worshipped sport, Major League Baseball. Perhaps it was the garish jerseys and worse team nickname…
          - , 1 Oct 11, 3:20pm -


          MIKAEL LUSTIG will commit his future to Celtic this week by signing a long-term extension. The 30-year-old Swedish defender, who joined the champions from Rosenborg in 2012, is out of contract in June. Brendan Rodgers wants to keep the right-back an…
          - 20 hours ago, 17 Jan 17, 2:29pm -
          RANGERS ssistant boss David Weir reckons that even spending £100million would not guarantee the Ibrox side closing the gap to Celtic. Former gaffers Walter Smith and Stuart McCall have both called for substantial investment in the playing squad to m…
          - 21 hours ago, 17 Jan 17, 1:40pm -
          ABERDEEN striker Adam Rooney is convinced the hard work in the sunshine of Dubai will be well worth it when the action restarts later this month. The bustling frontman said: “The last time I was in Dubai was for my honeymoon in 2014. I don’t thin…
          - 3 days ago, 15 Jan 17, 12:58pm -
          FORMER Celtic defender John Herron is wanted on a permanent deal by Dunfermline boss Allan Johnston. The East End Park gaffer is delighted the 22-year-old has agreed to extend his loan contract from Blackpool until the end of the season. Herron has a…
          - 3 days ago, 15 Jan 17, 12:49pm -
          LEE LUCAS has handed Motherwell boss Mark McGhee a boost by agreeing an extension to his loan deal. The Welsh midfielder, who originally signed a short-term contract from Swansea in the summer, has admitted he is happy to remain at Fir Park until the…
          - 3 days ago, 15 Jan 17, 12:37pm -
          ABERDEEN skipper Ryan Jack has been urged to repay the club’s loyalty by signing a contract extension. The 24-year-old midfielder’s current agreement expires in the summer and talks are ongoing. Jack has endured serious injury issues over the pas…
          - 4 days ago, 14 Jan 17, 11:53am -

        Football Streaker

        • Michu - signing of the far
          Hazard £35 million Michu £2 millionSwansea have made the signing of the far. 
          - , 22 Jan 13, 11:23pm -
        • Cavani to Arsenal?
          Arsenal fans will love this one. Arsene Wenger has actually announced his interested in top player! Imagine, Edison Cavani playing for Arsenal, what a signing that would be for a struggling side.This doesn't happen often. Usually its a teenager, or m…
          - , 17 Jan 13, 5:15pm -
        • Can Remy fire QPR up the table
          I expected QPR to be force in the Premier League this season. Not to be fighting for Champions League, but to put up a Newcastle type battle from last season and finish in the top six. This, obviously, was not the case.QPR currently sit bottom of the…
          - , 16 Jan 13, 6:23pm -
        • Manchester United v Liverpool
          Or, as the media is hyping it up to be - Van Persie v Suarez.United and Liverpool games never really go according to plan. You wouldn't expect Liverpool to beat United 1-4 at Old Trafford, but they did, and to be honest, I can see them winning again.…
          - , 11 Jan 13, 11:15pm -
        • Some more new faces you might see in the Premier League very soon
          Some more new faces we could be seeing in the BPL come the end of January!Leandro Damiao is a long time target of SpursSpurs have long been in the running for highly rated Brazilian striker Leandro Damiao. Admittedly, the only glimpse I have caught o…
          - , 8 Jan 13, 8:28pm -
        • Is selling Lampard the right decision?
          It may be the right decision financially, but sometimes owners and managers alike need to look at the bigger picture.I would imagine loyal Chelsea fans are fuming right now. For the best part of 12 years Frank Lampard has been a Chelsea player, and a…
          - , 7 Jan 13, 5:07pm -

        The Hand of Blog

        • New Chelsea 3rd Kit 2011/2012
          Chelsea revealed their new 3rd kit for the forthcoming season today and perhaps the best way to describe it would be ‘safe’ but it is flirting with the idea of being adventurous or dangerous or even off-the-wall by having a large yellow block acr…
          - , 11 Aug 11, 10:14am -
        • EXCLUSIVE: Alex Ferguson's phone is hacked....
          The Man United manager's phone was hacked earlier this summer and the following text conversation was found........Disclaimer: The above is all rubbish, Alex Ferguson's phone wasn't hacked as far as we know. He may not even have a phone. If you belie…
          - , 23 Jul 11, 12:26pm -
        • EXCLUSIVE: Kenny Dalglish's phone is hacked....
          The Liverpool manager's phone was hacked earlier this summer and the following conversation was recorded........Disclaimer: The above is all rubbish, Kenny Dalglish's phone wasn't hacked as far as we know. He may not even have a phone. If you believe…
          - , 22 Jul 11, 10:21am -
        • Who I want to work for......
          By Fesc Cabregas
          - , 19 Jul 11, 8:50pm -
        • 2011 South Pacific Games Football - Papua New Guinea
          National Flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea have made appearances in all bar one (2007) of the previous football tournaments at the South Pacific Games. Although they have never managed to come away with the Gold medal they have had a reasonabl…
          - , 17 Jul 11, 4:07pm -
        • 2011 South Pacific Games Football - Kiribati
          The island nation of Kiribati is one of two nations (alongside Tuvalu) in the South Pacific Games football tournament which are not members of FIFA. They do not therefore have an official FIFA world ranking.As the national football team has only ev…
          - , 13 Jul 11, 3:18pm -

        Born Offside

          In Bed With Maradona

          • #IBWM100 FOR 2017
            As always, we’ve stuck with the format that served Don Balon so successfully for decades; 100 names and details of where each player is from. 
            - 28 days ago, 21 Dec 16, 9:54pm -
          • #IBWM100 FOR 2016 - A YEAR IN REVIEW
            We go again...
            - 54 days ago, 24 Nov 16, 11:12pm -
          • IBWM ASSIGNMENT #3 - MILAN
            Not just home to two of the most decorated clubs in European football history, but also an epicentre of cutting edge design, an artistic and cultural beacon that has radiated influence across the globe for centuries. 
            - 71 days ago, 7 Nov 16, 11:47pm -
          • KOSOVO CALLING
            “There are still problems”. This is all he is prepared to share.
            - 93 days ago, 17 Oct 16, 9:24pm -
            “It is not sustainable at all. There is no guarantee that the money being poured into the game here will not suddenly dry up when it is no longer expedient for the donors to do so.” 
            - 96 days ago, 14 Oct 16, 8:33pm -
          • BULGARIA 1994
            Stoichkov, in typical fashion, later remarked ‘To be honest, it was an easy win’.
            - 96 days ago, 14 Oct 16, 7:23pm -

          Natter Football

          • Watch: Two parents get in brutal fight at junior football match
            Parents on the sidelines at a football match are pretty much capable of anything. From axe wielding fathers (yes, it happened during my brother’s Saturday football days in south west London), to worried mothers demanding the opposition player recei…
            - 2 days ago, 16 Jan 17, 12:01pm -
          • Winds of winter blow away on-pitch action
            The footballing public may never be rid of hyperbolic descriptions from gurning pundits about the merits of a goalless draw on a February night in the midlands. The commodification of football is all-pervasive; not only must we sit in renamed … Con…
            - 2 days ago, 16 Jan 17, 10:18am -
          • Why travelling could aid English management
            Rafael Benítez’s Newcastle United are currently 2 points adrift in the English Championship title race from current table toppers Brighton, with many still considering the Toon to be favourites to win the race come May. Doing so would see Rafa ……
            - 9 days ago, 9 Jan 17, 11:13am -
          • Manchester City 2-1 Arsenal – What actually happened?
            Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium in the Premier League on Sunday was a lot of things. Disappointing? Yes. Inevitable? Yes. A setback? You betcha. What it wasn’t, was Arsenal being Arsenal, as so many have … Continue…
            - 29 days ago, 20 Dec 16, 10:18am -
          • Johan Cruyff’s time at Levante
            Johan Cruyff nearly retired in 1978 but after a series of bad investments, and without going too much into the details of how and why it all went wrong, he recalled “I had lost millions in pig-farming and that was … Continue reading →
            - 30 days ago, 19 Dec 16, 9:46am -
          • The proper Madrid club
            When it comes to Spanish football, many people nowadays are either Real Madrid or Barcelona fans, with that being due to either television exposure or readiness of their merchandise. That’s what I tend to find across the pond here in America, ……
            - 41 days ago, 8 Dec 16, 9:21am -

          Pat's Football Blog

            This week, amidst much applause and scrabbling around for suitable tributes, saw the passing of one of footballl's most genuine souls, the former Lincoln City, Watford, Aston Villa and England manager Graham Taylor, aged 72. It was during and after h…
            - 3 days ago, 15 Jan 17, 11:29am -
            The fifty-fourth Greenlandic national championship was held between 7-13 August in the country's capital, Nuuk, and it was, in essence, a case of dèja-vu, with all four of last year's semi-finalists reaching the same stage again this year. The capit…
            - 19 days ago, 30 Dec 16, 1:05am -
            The Arctic Winter Games are so much more than just another sports tournament. The AWG are held every two years and, until this year, have always been held in venues across sub-Arctic Canada and United States. It is not, however, a tournament made up…
            - 39 days ago, 9 Dec 16, 11:12pm -
            The Futsal competition at the 2016 Arctic Winter Games concluded with the final of the Intermediate Female competition, which saw holders Sápmi - who represent the Sami people of northern Scandinavia and who were taking part in their sole Futsal com…
            - 43 days ago, 6 Dec 16, 7:37pm -
            The Junior Female AWG competition, held for girls born in or after 2000, was one of only two for which the Canadian territory of Nunavut entered a Futsal team. Nunavut's record in Indoor Soccer competition in the Arctic Winter Games is less than insp…
            - 43 days ago, 6 Dec 16, 7:32pm -
            The Juvenile Male section was the second competition to be decided on Finals day, and Greenland were up against Alaska in the final. In the final match of the group stage two days before, the hosts had defeated their Alaskan counterparts with rel…
            - 43 days ago, 6 Dec 16, 7:29pm -

          Richard & Neils Football Blog

          • The Future of Football Blogging
            Recently there has been a gloom hanging over the football blogging world; a sense of disillusionment that has left some notable bloggers considering their future in the hobby. The reasons for this are, of course, varied, but there is one that seems t…
            - , 21 Nov 11, 9:55am -
          • Our other stuff
            You may have noticed that our blog hasn’t been updated for a while. With our recent nominations for the Young Blogger of the Year awards by the NOPA’s we thought, due to the increased traffic, we’d tell you where we’ve been writing recently.…
            - , 18 Nov 11, 2:20pm -
          • Crime and Punishment in Non-League
            I realize no-one cares. After all no-one at all has written about this (that I’ve found) and it’s been at least three weeks since the decision was announced. All reformed clubs have to now start at step five in the non-league system instead of b…
            - , 8 Aug 11, 9:34pm -
          • I've written something for the When Saturday Comes website
            And here's the link!
            - , 31 Jul 11, 9:40am -
          • What we're doing...
            You may have noticed that in as the summer holidays have started, a time where students like the writers of this blog can do as they damn well please, our posts have dramatically decreased. You may be wondering what the hell is going on. And you'd be…
            - , 11 Jul 11, 8:54pm -
          • Five Fun Facts About Chester FC.
            I recently wrote a short piece for Footy Sphere in their Five Fun Facts series. The link below will take you to it.
            - , 7 Jul 11, 2:30pm -

          Floodlit Football

          • Things Carlos Tévez Would Probably Rather Do Than Play Football
            Host and perform at an Ann Summers’ party. The laundry from the Rugby World Cup. Run around a Sainsbury’s car park squealing like a piglet. Open a pub in Wales called ‘The Bull and Chinstrap’. Make two hundred origami swans. … Continue read…
            - , 14 Oct 11, 7:11pm -
          • How I Will Write my Super Mega Soaraway Premier League Preview
            Always start at the top. Manchester United, they’re good aren’t they? I’ll start off by asking rhetorically if you’ve forgotten how good there are, even though they just won the league a couple of months ago. I’ll remind you to … Continue…
            - , 8 Aug 11, 2:07pm -
          • Ten Years Asleep
            David Moyes is about to enter his tenth full season as Everton manager, but the club remains the Premier League’s sleeping giant. When he arrived his reputation was on the rise as a no-nonsense and tenacious manager. More recently, Moyes … Contin…
            - , 5 Aug 11, 6:12pm -
          • A League of Their Own
            On Sunday, the USA takes on Japan in the Women’s World Cup Final. It has been an entertaining tournament and is being followed in the US on a level similar to the famous 1999 World Cup win, not least because … Continue reading →
            - , 15 Jul 11, 5:41pm -
          • Questioning Corporate Kits
            Nothing says ‘off-season’ quite like the media coverage given to Adidas’ decision to incorporate blue in Liverpool’s third kit for the upcoming campaign. Apparently, 70% of internet-based Liverpool fans are opposed to the colour scheme, the i…
            - , 17 Jun 11, 9:44pm -
          • What is a Win Worth?
            For the past two months, I have been attending and cheering on, to the best of my ability, the Atlanta Silverbacks. They were formed as a somewhat last-minute addition to the fledgling second division soccer league in the US, which … Continue readi…
            - , 9 Jun 11, 4:26pm -

          Narrow The Angle

            Magic Spongers

            • Badges done. Time to change the football
              "Fucking yeeeeeessssss!"Last week we said we were off to get our badges from UEFA. We’ve got them now. And what an experience it was. For one, we now can’t move for cones and bibs at Spongers Towers. You can't even get in the bogs without doing t…
              - , 18 Jul 16, 4:07pm -
            • Shite is the new good
              'What do you mean no more nutmegs?'Tactical trends borne of tournaments are nothing new and it’s fitting that one has yet again emerged from the denizens of France 2016. And make no mistake, it’s our absolute favourite.‘Fucking shite’ it’s…
              - , 11 Jul 16, 3:03pm -
            • Not one for the nines, is it?
              'Help me Dave'Dave from accounts is looking like me like I’ve just chucked his chicken triple in the bin, poured his bottle of Coke down the sink and hidden his Mars bar. And Dave from accounts is well within his rights to look at me like this, as…
              - , 17 Jun 16, 3:14pm -
            • Football rentre à la maison
              Fabien Barthez, Laurent Blanc and Zinedine Zidane pose for the cameras in 1998If England 96 was when football came home, France 98 was when it got a radical new haircut, swaggered into the living room having not been seen for a couple of months, nail…
              - , 8 Jun 16, 4:42pm -
            • When is the FA Cup not the FA Cup?
              Apparently much more important than you'd previously thought It’s been much maligned over the course of the past few years as an inferior relation to the other, more popular, more rewarding versions on which it’s modelled, and for once we’re n…
              - , 5 Jan 16, 5:26pm -
            • Is it a Man City? Is it a Man U? No, it’s LEICESTER CITY
              "40 points? Hahahahaha."A situation that takes place during the course of a season always refers you to something else that has happened or is about to happen, and it is this something else that explains why we all keep coming back to football, no ma…
              - , 23 Dec 15, 12:56pm -

            Football Farrago

            • The Mundanity of the FA Cup
              Controversial headline alert!  I actually quite like the FA Cup!  It's this "magic of the cup" nonsense that does my head in.There was a time when football squads across the land comprised about 12 players and beating a team from a higher league w…
              - 8 days ago, 10 Jan 17, 3:51pm -
            • Call me Nostradamus
              My god, they actually did it.  The Americans have elected Donald Trump as their President.  Let's think about that for a second.  A so called developed country in the twenty-first century has democratically decided that Trump is the best man to l…
              - 69 days ago, 10 Nov 16, 10:35am -
            • Things that will definitely happen in the near future
              The American election fiasco has got me thinking.  A few weeks ago I'd never have entertained the thought that Trump could actually win.  Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't slap a tenner on it when he had odds of 10/1.Not that I think it'll happe…
              - 74 days ago, 5 Nov 16, 10:12am -
            • United facing early test as City surge continues
              Manchester United fans could be excused for thinking they went into the 2016/17 Premier League season with half a chance of winning the thing.  A handful of games into the season, and with Jose Mourinho's side hardly setting the world alight, it doe…
              - , 1 Oct 16, 10:37pm -
            • United facing early test as City surge continues
              Manchester United fans could be excused for thinking they went into the 2016/17 Premier League season with half a chance of winning the thing.  A handful of games into the season, and with Jose Mourinho's side hardly setting the world alight, it doe…
              - , 1 Oct 16, 10:36pm -
            • Early Premier League 2016/17 Predictions: 1-10
              Virgil van Dijk, my shout for a high-scoring defender this yearOK it's only halfway through the summer and some big transfers are yet to come (Pogba to United? Higuain to Arsenal?).  Most teams have only played one friendly, if that. But that won't…
              - , 20 Jul 16, 8:07pm -

            Lionel Hesse

            • Constrain/enable
              To constrain or to enable? Political theorists throughout history have been unable to decide whether we need government because human nature is ultimately good (and the state helps make us better) or bad (and the state keeps us in line). When footbal…
              - , 1 May 14, 11:35am -
            • Sticky Toffees Run-in
              How can Everton be doubted? They sit fifth in the table, have one of the most highly-rated young managers in the country, and a squad rife with quality: two of their players featured in the latest England squad, and they are riding the wave of Europ…
              - , 1 Dec 12, 11:25am -
            • What's Your Fantasy?
              Fantasy is a dirty word. Aside from the obvious sordid options that line phone boxes and music ‘borrowing’ sites, there is a general feeling that people who seek escapism are, at best out of touch with reality, and at worst a subterranean social…
              - , 1 Dec 12, 11:24am -
            • Passions & Interests
              The mark of true football fan is his or her ability to distinguish between passion and interest. The former is an inextinguishable underlying fire that is of little concern to anyone but themselves – mostly bigoted opinions and fanciful hopes conce…
              - , 24 Aug 11, 5:30pm -
            • Predictions
              As the countdown crawls from weeks to days, football’s Prince John collects his exorbitant taxes from the poor residents Sherwood in the form of Sky subscription fees, and the nation braces itself for another thirty eight weekends in the company…
              - , 13 Aug 11, 5:21pm -
            • What We Know & What We Don't
              The international break may once have been cause for great excitement – a time when fans could put aside partisan differences and unite behind a common cause (or a mutual enemy) – but increasingly tedious qualifiers and ‘glamour’ friendlies p…
              - , 8 Apr 11, 10:54am -

            Backpage Football

            It's A Football Thing

            • Zlatan
              I know it's early doors, but Zlatan has already set the Premiership alight! Could he be the answer to ending that title drought? or will it all go Wayne Rooney come May?
              - , 11 Sep 16, 9:24pm -
            • Here we go again!
              It's taken just under 3 months for us to get blogging again after a shocking performance at the summers Euros.... Hats of to Portugal and Ronaldo.... I've heard a rumour we're gonna see if we can help Portugal pay pack some of its national debt by ag…
              - , 11 Sep 16, 8:52pm -
            • Payet
              What a season this chap is having! last season no outside of France had even heard of Payet... It's safe to say 12 months on every man and his dog now know about Payet. West Ham fans may well be worried that he could be heading to a champions league…
              - , 17 Jun 16, 3:19pm -
            • The Three Lions
              So it's been nearly four long years since the last set of Euros! The hardcore fans are searching through their wardrobes for their retro England shirts (Italia 90 no 19 on the back) Hopefully England will play more than 3 games at this tournament! We…
              - , 30 May 16, 3:01pm -
            • The Last Post
              Whats worse than The Foxes winning the league? Arsenal winning it! Cast your mind back to the start of the season, the midweeker was convinced that the capture of Cech meant that Arsenal were nailed on to lift the trophy come May.... How wrong he was…
              - , 16 Mar 16, 8:45pm -
            • In a World of José
              For weeks it's been a case of will he or won't he... Yesterday the news broke that The Special One was once again booted out the door @ Stamford Bridge and from a neutral point of view i'm gutted. Mourinho is the modern day icon. He is what the Premi…
              - , 3 Jan 16, 2:04pm -